What do you want?

Do you have any unfulfilled dreams just like us?

There are way too many people telling us “No way!”, “You shouldn’t!”, “It can’t be!”,

And “You can’t do it.”

Do we really have to listen to these “noes”?

We’ve decided to do such a thing;

Turning all those so called impossible to possible.

We want you to live the reckless life;

Roll the dice like you lived twice.

All of life’s possibilities are waiting for you,

The one who deserves it.

  • En Route Romance
  • En Route Adrenaline
  • En Route Family
  • Customized Experience
En Route Romance

No matter how old you are, there is always a secret place inside your heart where the summer heat, the evening breeze, and the innocent fantasy exist forever. Let’s reenact this sweet and lovely story, experience the glowing blush and the racing heart again. Why don’t you wear the most beautiful gowns, and realize your wildest dreams about a romantic moment?

A thousand times of “I love you” is less than a second spent in your lover’s arms. Sniff the fragrance of the silvergrass,

and indulge yourself in this eventide, witness the eternity of nature, your life can be sweeter than any poem.

Nothing is more important than your love and romance. MING Tribe wishes to join you in witnessing your immortal

determination in this wilderness of human origin.

We don't like those self-help tips that teach men and women to be the winners in love. The perfect love frees you from all the preconditions. We’d plan a grand proposal for you at the birthplace of humanity, reserve an entire island in the Indian Ocean for everyone to witness your wedding, design an atypical anniversary or honeymoon just for you and your love... What we want is very simple, merely to make the whole world feel jealous of your love life. Focus on your romance, and we will take care of the rest.

At MING Tribe, we fulfill all your fantasies.

Even our customized love letters contain curious things from cats to the universe, from theory of relativity to folklores. Your pheromone is so cool and sweet. Don't waste it anywhere in the tedious norms. The beauteous things can all be found here in MING Tribe, experience your relationship like never before where we play with romance. You'll never get tired of it

En Route Adrenaline

Life is not measured by how much you earn. Some people's youth only begin as they hit forties and fifties.

Take off your suits after this meeting, and relive the original passion of being a youngster. Don’t forget your childhood

dreams. Take this journey, head to your promised lands, and do all those things you should do but dare not.

Venture through the mountains and the seas, capture all the awesomeness of this nature and the charming creatures with

MING Tribe. We provide a highly trained service and security team, exploration projects that cover the entire land of

Kenya. You will be able to visit those private domains which never open to the public, and enjoy the cuisine from more

than 50 countries. Try our exclusive flight piloting experience, the wildest test drive adventure, some ethical tribal

hunting, and witch doctor visits during your journey. We'll take you anywhere that you are bold enough to dream.

A superhero is conceived in every great man. Be your version of invincible and unbeatable. MING Tribe will company

you faithfully all the way along and protect your raw nature.

Your muscles have their expiration date as well, decades long to be exact. Most of the time we are conscientious, responsible, and dedicated to our work and family. Yet sometimes, if you think about it, people don’t feel alive for a lifetime, but rather for a few moments. In those moments, your mind contains neither responsibility, nor your family. What you have are speed, height, and the peaceful passion of being a living man. You can tell this story about the journey with MING Tribe for a lifetime.

Have you ever thought of being that hero at every crossroads of life where you need to make a significant choice? When we are shut in cars by the horrible traffic of a metropolis, do you ever feel like breaking all the rules and go on a crazy drive? When you can predict the end of your life easily with a simple glance, do you ever want to flip the finger and shout loudly, hoping that all of this is just a Truman Show? Now, it's time for your hero’s journey. As long as you have the courage to break through the illusion of a stormy sea, you will rip apart the disguise of this world and have a brand new life.

Only quest with the right companions. Have this bottle of mead, MING Tribe will keep you accompanied.

En Route Family

We all carry the great duty to lead the next generation of the society.

What should we let them experience and learn with us before they reach adulthood?

Nobody wants to see the kids only know how to be popular, sophisticated, or simply good students.

We want them to be righteous and merciful, to maintain their curiosity and empathy after experiencing both the bright and dark sides of life.

Let’s try our best to help our children to perceive the senses of loving and being loved; to touch darkness, hope, offering, and responsibility; to understand the importance of courage and the preciousness of life.

Give yourself a possibility of restarting your childhood, and let your children gain plenty of precious memories that they will cherish for a lifetime. MING Tribe is willing to lead the way.

Pack up your bags, step into the sun rays, take your kiddos, and drift on the dreams.

Let go of your reveries and a quite adult’s sigh. Together, we revive your teen spirit that you've never lost. Come, go on an adventure with your little ones.

From the moment they came into our lives, our ordinary life became extraordinary. The mediocre days got the salvation.

We gain the burden as well as the most irreplaceable love in the world.

Children are never brought out by education, their and our lives integrate like a process of gazing at each other. We are reintroduced to the world by each other.

So, instead of showing them the world with books and electronic screens, maybe it’s time for you to consider telling this story and this experience in person.

Together, we take you and your children to measure the world with your own feet. Draw a vivid outlook of the real world, only at MING Tribe.

Customized Experience

Life is a river. The water that we come upon is always different whenever we step into the river. Therefore, we tailor every guest's experience to ensure that your unique personality and habits at the time can be satisfied.

Everyone is so different at every moment, not to mention what makes people special in every way.

We all deserve being treated in an exclusive way.

We cherish all the maverick ideas, and we arrange a highly customized personal experience for every uncommon life to

please your distinctive needs.

The journey of life should only be taken seriously, since we never really live twice.

May every minute you spend with MING Tribe suffice you as a new awareness of the present.