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It’s All About You.

Have you ever felt lost in this materialistic society, wondering if this is the only way to live your life?

Have you ever searched for the stars above, feeling uncertain about the creator deity of this society, blinded by the high walls standing in your way towards the future?

Do you really know yourself, know what you love, know the history of this old planet, know the joys and miseries, know the religions, ideologies, and the economical terms that are so believed to be self-evident?

What if life gives you a chance to choose? A hunter, a gatherer, a hero, a coward, a creator, a destroyer, an emperor, a farmer, a lover, a loner, a father or a mother, a hopeful child, an ambitious explorer, a role model, a cunning politician, a superstar, a supreme leader, a saint, or a sinner...

What do you really want to be?

Have you ever thought of painting the real colours that represent you where you stand upon in broad daylight, while you are still on planet earth?

Do you have the courage to truly achieve your dream?

We provide lifestyle consultation, lifestyle project implementation, networking event planning, and the real experience of being someone else to those who are bored with their habitual life. Let go of all the characters that reality gives you, and take a deep breath. Who said that you should only be yourself?

Let go of your status as a wife, a husband, a daughter, a son, or a parent. Come aboard to a brand new place, adopt a new persona, try a new way of life, live once in others’ perspectives. We grant you not only an unforgettable experience, but also the chance of rewiring your way of thinking.

Together with MING Tribe, you will find new possibilities in your life.


MING Tribe International Group Limited, established on June 6th, 2016, is an international investment group that focus on emerging and developing market. It was collectively built by a group of life visionaries with extremely distinct life attitude. Not only is it the world leading whimsical service and consultancy provider of bespoke experience, but also it is a unique cross social network. This is a place where dreams come true, and a place where you find your soulmate. The ones who launched it and the ones who follow it are the winners of life, and the practitioners of soul searching. They cultivate themselves and cherish the people around them as well as the whole society.

MING Tribe is in Shanghai, Nairobi, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Singapore, Zurich, London, and Santiago. We have more than 1,000 employees around the world. It starts with lifestyle experience and the kind of value MING Tribe holds has attracted a lot of high portfolio clients, who are very much interested in investing in potential markets, especially rising market like Africa. MING Tribe is a consultant but also an implementer, together with MING Tribe Investment, it has incubated various business. So far under the MING Tribe investment group, we have business in lifestyle experience, media and production, education, retail, health care, beauty, security, and FMCG.

We pay a lot of attention to localization and empowerment of the local community. The expansion of business has brought many job opportunities to where we set up our pace. We also put a lot of efforts into raising awareness of social responsibility, environment protection, conservation, women power, children growth and urban development. As a company who shares such corporate social responsibility value to our employees, partners, investors, and members, we strive to do more.